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You deserve the best quality skin, hair, and cosmetic products available on the market today, and we are here to give it to you !

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Skin Care Products  | La Merchandise Service

We offer a wide selection of skin care products for every woman in Fort Lauderdale. Some companies like to generalize when it comes to skin care products...

Bath and Body Products  | La Merchandise Service

La Merchandise Service provides many body and bath options for Fort Lauderdale ladies through our excellent line of bath and body products. They are easily to apply...

Makeup  | La Merchandise Service

Makeup is an important part of any woman’s day. It can determine her entire outlook. Makeup should give a woman confidence. It should make her feel ...

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Welcome To La Merchandise Service

La Merchandise Service was founded in 2001. We are eager to continue to serve the beauty needs of all the women in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

No question about it: you are lovely and you deserve the best quality of skin, hair, and cosmetic products available on the market today. We firmly believe that every moment devoted to making sure women feel healthy and beautiful is time well spent. We have dedicated our lives to bringing out the breathtaking and unique inner glow of any lady who seeks our service!

We are world-leaders in anti-aging skin care products, color cosmetics, and fragrances. Our stellar product lines include fashion jewelry and apparel, as well as recognized and renowned beauty products. We are passionate about beauty, but it is more than just that: we want to help you look and feel fabulous.

La Merchandise Service is not just dedicated to beauty products.