About Us

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About Us

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La Merchandise Service stands for innovation, beauty, and optimism; but most of all we stand for women. We are proud to enhance the beauty of all our lovely friends in Fort Lauderdale and to have had the pleasure of doing so for over five decades.

You are important to us. It is this conviction that has allowed us to grow as a company. We were built on the foundation of a promise: to take care of women and their families. We have continued to do just that by providing outstanding product quality and customer service. Mediocrity is never an option at La Merchandise Service!

We have been strong opponents of breast cancer since we were founded. We are the largest corporate supporter of the anti-breast cancer movement with programs in fifty countries. In 2006, the philanthropic efforts of La Merchandise Service achieved a fantastic goal: we raised over five-hundred million dollars.

Our efforts have also raised public awareness of domestic abuse and strengthened the overall commitment to fighting against it. We are eager to continue to advance these achievements and to help women get the products and care that they merit. Women are not statistics to us. They are people, beautiful people; people we want to know and help. Contact La Merchandise Service immediately for all of your beauty needs!