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Makeup is an important part of any woman’s day. It can determine her entire outlook. Makeup should give a woman confidence. It should make her feel powerful and ready to tackle any problem that she encounters throughout the day. La Merchandise Service makes sure that every woman in Fort Lauderdale starts her day feeling fresh, fierce, and gorgeous!

We offer cosmetics for lips, eyes, nails, and face, in varying degree of color in order to conform to every skin tone. Our makeup specialists are dedicated to providing you with products that are long-lasting, comfortable, and that enhance your natural glow. Try our lipsticks, lip liners, and lip treatments, or stop in and have a look at our beauty tools.

No makeup product can have a long life without the help of a reliable tool or two! La Merchandise Service provides plenty of brushes to help with the smooth application of every kind of makeup: eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, brows, and foundation. We also offer eyeliner sharpeners, so that favorite color pencil of yours does not grow too stubby too quickly!

La Merchandise Service provides hair products as well. Our shampoos and conditioners are formatted to repair damaged hair, protect color, and give you a fabulous daily shine! They treat all kinds of hair, so whether you struggle with oily, frizzy, or dry hair, we have you covered!

The path to great hair and makeup is not far from here! Choose the products of La Merchandise Service and find out more about our amazing lineup of makeup and hair products that will keep you feeling vibrant, healthy and simply gorgeous!